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5 Things to Keep In Mind When Dealing With Electrical Problems At Home

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When handling electrical wiring in your home, you must be careful since a small miscalculation can not only harm you but also endanger your family members and property. To avoid such accidents, only work on simple electric problems that you can handle yourself while hiring a professional electrical repair service Metairie LA to take care of more complicated tasks.

Switch Off The Power

When working on any electrical problems, make sure that the switch is turned off. You can also switch off the main power for extra safety. Many homeowners overlook this and work on electrical circuits that are running. This is extremely risky. Even though professional electricians may work on live wires, it’s advisable that you don’t “try this at home”..

But if a situation arises where you have no choice but to work with live wires, you can begin by checking if a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) is installed. This system protects you from electrical shocks by cutting off power when it senses an imbalance.

If GFCI is not installed, then you should stay away from working with live wires and call in an expert electrical repair service Metairie LA that is qualified to handle all situations.

Be Wary Of Capacitors

When you repair home appliances, keep in mind that they may still conduct electricity even if the plug has been removed from the connection socket. This is because energy is stored in capacitors inside the units. So, if you touch it with metal, you will receive an electric jolt and the circuitry might get damaged.

Malfunctioning Switches

If the switches or outlets are malfunctioning, they can cause damages to the connected devices. Many homeowners choose to ignore such issues only to later find that their appliances have been fried.

If the insides of a connector outlet are charred or you sense a burning smell when turning on a switch, it is an indication that the components need to be immediately replaced. In the worst case scenario, a malfunctioning outlet or switch can spark a fire and cause extensive damages.


The Weatherhead is the metal pole that connects electrical lines from the service provider to your home and is generally located in or around your property.

If you think something is wrong with the electrical transmission between the pole and your home, call in a qualified technician. Do not try to inspect it yourself since the pole is transmitting electricity at a relatively high voltage.

Service Lugs

Avoid handling the service lugs. These are large screws that are used to secure the cables. Even if you switch off the main power, these objects will still be charged with electricity. Only an experienced electrician should handle them.

When faced with any unresolved electrical problems at home or office, you should contact a reputed electrical repair service Metairie LA like Trinity Electric & Home Services. Call us on 504-305-1222 or message us to find out how we can resolve your electric problems.

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