A Replacement May Just Save You a Headache

A Replacement May Just Save You a Headache

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heating replacement service in Metairie, LA

Trinity customers are always ready for any heating or air conditioning needs that the seasons bring. This is because we always make sure our clients are informed of the signs of a malfunctioning unit and stress the importance of getting a heating replacement service in Metairie, LA when it is necessary. So, whether it’s Thanksgiving or July 4th, your guests will always be comfortable.

Always Working

If you’re anything like us, the furnace stays on the entire winter and the air conditioner stays on the entire summer. It makes perfect sense; we fix furnaces in the cold and we are out in the blistering heat when fixing air conditioners. Coming home to a comfortable home is at the top of the list after a long day in these harsh elements. Unfortunately, things don’t always run as smoothly as we want, especially when the years start to accumulate on your homes furnace.

It doesn’t matter what type of work you do everyone wants to come back to a nice comfortable home and spend time with their family. To be honest, the only thing that is working harder than you, is your furnace.

The furnace and air conditioner stay on 24 hours a day and often months at a time. We get a few hours in between to sleep, but not your furnace, they chug away day in and out to keep you happy. This is exactly why you should always hire a maintenance service before it’s time to put them to work for months on end. They need to have an eye kept on them to ensure they aren’t going to need to be replaced.

heating replacement service in Metairie, LA

When is a Replacement Really Due?

When you haven’t had a service in years, it damages the internal moving parts of your furnace. This happens with or without maintenances, but without them your furnace won’t be around nearly as long. This wear and tear is the main reason we need a replacement, because it will be so expensive to fix it that you might as well just get a new unit.

The other reason we suggest getting a replacement is when the energy bill climbs. When the bill increases and you are doing routine maintenance, it is probably time for your old furnace to retire. It all comes down to how efficient it is working and whether a repair is truly worth your money.

Is It a Good Time for My Replacement?

Anytime is a good time to get a replacement done, before you need it is the best time, though. Being ahead of the curve will actually save you tons of stress when it comes time to use your heater next year. You won’t have to wait like all the other households who won’t schedule their appointment until the first day of winter.

When you’re ready for a heating replacement service in Metairie, LA, call Trinity at 504-305-1222 and speak with one of our customer service representatives today. We have representatives ready to help you schedule a future appointment or in the event of an emergency.

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