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Allergies in New Orleans

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Eliminate Allergies in New Orleans

Allergies in New Orleans

It’s April in New Orleans, and everyone knows what that means.   Sure, Jazz Fest, Strawberry Fest, and French Quarter Fest are all pretty solid options — but in reality, what April really means in New Orleans is allergies.  What if we told you that we could severely reduce, or even eliminate, your family’s chances of getting sick this Spring?

It’s the same thing every year for most:  around October, it starts with the sore throats and sniffles as we get used to the cooler weather, then in February, we all get the flu. And in April — when we should be outside enjoying the beautiful sunshine and perfect breeze coming in from the Mississippi River — we begin to feel miserable due to our allergies.

Eliminate Allergies in New Orleans

If you or anyone in your home suffers from allergies, or health problems of any kind you can definitely benefit from having Trinity Home Services install a Reme Halo or an Air Scrubber Plus in your home.


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The Reme Halo system reduces allergies!

What is the Reme Halo?

I could give you a really long, technical description that you probably won’t understand or care about, but I won’t.  You’re welcome.  The short version is that it’s an in-duct air purifier. It’s based on really smart electro-magnetic technology.   It forces tiny particles to stick together (so that your filter can actually catch them).  Finally, it zaps everything with a UV light that kills all of the germs instantly.  This machine reduces indoor allergies like dust, dander, pollen — ( something that most of us are unfortunately familiar with).  It can also kill 99% of bacteria, viruses, and mold — another thing that New Orleanians unfortunately know all too well.

What is the Air Scrubber Plus?

The Air Scrubber Plus is an in-duct air purifier that uses pure technology.  It’s basically similar to the Reme Halo in the way it operates. First, it uses a honeycomb surface to catch smaller particles. Then, it zaps them with germicidal UV waves to mimic the natural cleaning process of the atmosphere of the earth.   It reduces 99% of bacteria, mold, and viruses, which is amazing.  It also reduces 90% of all pathogens in the air within 30 minutes.  It’s 50 times stronger than your standard AC system in this way.

Your biggest problem should be worrying about which delicious food to eat and which fantastic music to listen to!  Leave the  Norovirus, e.coli, Salmonella, Staph, Strep, mold, dander, and pollen outside!

For more information on the Reme Halo, the Air Scrubber Plus, or any of our other systems to purify your air, contact us today at 504-579-2257.  You can also use the Contact Us! form.

To keeping you healthy this allergy season,

— Trinity Home Services

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