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Minimizing Risks for Big Fire Hazards

Would you sleep in a house with over 200 fire hazards? If you have Aluminum Wiring Services in New Orleans, Metairie, & Kenner, LA, every connection can deteriorate and become a fire hazard. Think about it. The average home can have 200 or more connections. How many fire hazards are you comfortable within your home? The truth is the risk of fire increases with each use. Every time the connection heats-up and then cools, the connection gaps widen. It’s true for receptacles, lights and circuit breakers. Simply put, it increases your risk of fire. But here’s the good news. You can take steps to immediately reduce your risk. Let the electrical contractors at Trinity Electric help you minimize your risk of fire.

With our help you can:

• have your home inspected for aluminum wiring.
• inspect existing smoke detectors for proper function or install new smoke
• take action on any signs of wiring problems.
• evaluate your electrical system for signs of failure.

Signs of Wiring Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

It’s easy to ignore small problems. It isn’t until they grow bigger that they command our attention. Sound familiar? Let’s say, you plug in a light and the outlet doesn’t work. What do you do? If

Aluminum Wiring Services in New Orleans, Metairie, & Kenner, LA - Trinity Home Services

you’re like most people, you likely just find another outlet that works. And what about a flickering light? Do you dismiss it as the bulb being loose? Sometimes it’s hard to be sure what’s causing the problem. But hoping the problem goes away isn’t a long term solution. It’s simply, you waiting for a bigger problem. That’s why it’s important to have your electrical system inspected, especially if you’re unsure about whether you have Aluminum Wiring. Here are a few symptoms that may indicate a wiring problem.

See if you have:

• plugs that don’t work, even when the circuit has power
• switch plates or outlets appearing discolored, warped or feel warm
• smoke or sparks around any electrical device
• fuses or circuit breakers tripping for no apparent reason or frequently
• flickering lights not associated with severe weather or a faulty bulb
• the smell of burning plastic near outlets, switches or walls
• circuits working intermittently

Keep in mind, not all wiring problems will reveal a symptom. To be confident in the safety of your home, schedule a complete electrical inspection. Remember, losing your home or someone you love is a high price to pay for what could easily be prevented. Schedule your electrical inspection today.

Aluminum Wiring Services in New Orleans, Metairie, & Kenner, LA - Trinity Home Services

“Hoping a problem goes away isn’t a long term solution.

        It’s simply, you waiting for a bigger problem. “

Options and Solutions For Every Problem

Knowing whether your home has aluminum wiring is always the first step. If your home built or remodeled in the early ’60s or ’70s, there’s a good chance it does. That means, you now have to leverage your risk against one of the biggest fire hazards. Don’t let the turning on a light or an appliance cause a major fire in your home. Take the steps necessary to safeguard your home. You have options. There are solutions for every home. You can find out what makes sense for your home and your budget.

Take a look at the options Trinity Electric offers:

1. Switch and Receptacle Replacement – A cost-effective method to improve
the safety of your home. This method addresses the corrosion and expansion/
contraction issues. However, it is not applicable to connections in lighting
2. PigTails and Connectors – Better connectivity from copper wires running
between your aluminum wire and the electrical device. Specialized connectors
are required; along with specific measures to increase conductivity and
eliminate corrosion.
3. Rewire – Rewiring is the most comprehensive and effective long term solution.
While also the most labor intensive, it is the best and safest solution. Rewiring
can be incorporated into plans for renovations or other structural changes such
as expansions.

You may be surprised to learn one option or a blend of options may be what’s best for your home. It all depends on your home’s unique needs. So, give your family the safety they deserve. Get the peace of mind you want. For your home’s safety, comfort and security, look to Trinity Electric. Call us today and ask about our $69 inspection. A savings of almost 50%.

Did You Know?

If your home has aluminum wiring it is 55 times more likely to have a fire hazard condition present than if wired with copper.

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