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Appliances & Dedicated Circuit Services

We use more power today in our homes than ever before, whether it’s your WiFi, charging your devices, watching TV or making a meal, you’re going to need the power to do it. While all homesAppliances & Dedicated Circuits Metairie, New Orleans, and Kenner, LA - Trinity Home Services come with an electrical box, older style boxes and breakers often don’t have the capabilities to handle the supply demands of modern living, which can lead to problems and a life without power these days, can feel like no life at all! Our appliances & dedicated circuits services solve the issues with your complicated electric system.

Electrical Panel Change

To keep your home fully juiced and power-ready, you might need to get an electrical panel change. Give the guys at Trinity Home Services a call and they can send out one of their fully certified electricians based in the New Orleans area to take a look.

Electrical Box Power Upgrade Service

These days we know some of you are probably familiar with power upgrades – but these power upgrades to your electrical box are actually what allows you to keep enjoying life daily, and we surely think that’s pretty cool! Some older boxes can be serviced and upgraded moving away from aluminum to knob and tube wiring, these are far safer and easier to maintain – old electrics have a tendency to shortcut, blow fuses and cut out at all those important moments. One of our main concerns as electricians is your safety. All our services are completed by licensed technicians with fully approved products to keep you safe from fire, explosions, days in the cold, and nights in the dark.

Dedicated Circuit Services

Not long ago, most people just had one TV, maybe a home line, some laundry, and if you were lucky, a computer. But now every family member is digitally connected and we all rely on our home appliances to get things done quickly. With this in mind, it’s surprising that many homes still don’t have dedicated circuits in place. These are simply circuits dedicated to specific appliances and things in your home.

Prevent Power Overloads

Prevent overloads, power problems and make your home cozier by making sure your electrical box is fitted with dedicated circuits. These are usually applied to kitchens, bathrooms, dens and other spaces where large outputs might be needed.

More Power To You

If your kitchen appliances are protected and your heating and air conditioning are supported by your electrical box then you’ll have more juice for WiFi and it won’t matter who’s taking a bath, watching TV or opening the garage door.

To help keep your home cozy – call Trinity Home Services! We’ll look after all your electrical needs, so you can focus on the things that actually matter.

Contact us today for Appliances & Dedicated Circuits in New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, Arabi, Destrehan, Gretna, Jefferson, LaPlace, Marrero, and River Ridge, LA!

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