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Increase Safety. Lower Your Risk.

When’s the last time you thought about an electrical inspection? Truth is, it’s not something you think about very often. The more common question is this. Why do I need an electrical inspection?

It’s a good question. Right?

For now, let’s keep the answer simple.


That’s the reason. You see changes happen all the time. Appliances change and even owner’s change. Changes aren’t limited to remodels or renovations.

Frankly, even your home aging is considered change. With each passing year, the safety and risk factors of your home shift.

8 Simple Questions to Ask Before Getting an Electrical Inspection

Take a moment to ask yourself a few simple questions. Your answers will tell you how critical it is for you to get a complete electrical inspection.

  • Is your home approaching 40 years old?
  • Was your home built or remodeled after 1974?
  • Have you replaced a washer, dryer in the last 5 years?
  • Any new kitchen appliances added to your home?
  • Have you added a ceiling fan or exhaust fan recently?
  • Has the owner or resident of the home changed?
  • Have you or do you plan to replace your HVAC system?
  • Do you own or plan to own a standby generator? All of the questions represent big changes to your home. Each one elevates your risk, increasing your need for an electrical inspection. Don’t let something

seemingly innocent result in devastating consequences. Protect your home and your family with a complete electrical inspection from Trinity Electric.

Isn’t your home and family worth more than $125? Call us today. Put your mind at ease knowing your home is safe from hidden electrical dangers. Go ahead and do what’s right for your home. Call Trinity Electric today at (504) 305 1222 or complete our online service request form.

Hidden Dangers Expose Businesses to Lawsuits Is Your Business at Risk?

How long could your business survive if shut down due to a fire? What would happen to your insurance premiums? What lawsuits could you face? It’s a scary thought. Isn’t it?

Sadly, many business owners don’t think about these scenarios until it’s too late. But the worst part is many of these situations could have easily been prevented. A $69 electrical inspection was the solution. Sounds pretty simple. Right?

So, here’s the bottom line.

A Complete Electrical Inspection Could Save You Thousands.

Don’t let what could easily be prevented cost you your business. Do the right thing for yourself, your customers and your employees. Save the headaches. Schedule a complete electrical inspection from Trinity Electric. Think about it. Can you really afford to not inspect and protect your business?

Call Trinity Electric today at (504) 305 1222 or complete our online service request form.

Get VIP Status. No Red Carpet Required. Reward Yourself With VIP Membership.
What’s in it for me? That’s what everyone wants to know. VIP Status? Really? Okay, so what’s the catch?

Honestly, there’s just one. But we think you’ll agree it’s the best deal in town.

Check this out. When you become a Preferred Customer, you’ll feel like a VIP.

Here’s what you get:

  • A detailed transferable electrical inspection report ($125.00 value)
  • Priority service. No waiting when you have an emergency.
  • Discounted pricing as a service agreement customer on all future work.
  • Safety tips and latest insights on technology designed to keep you safe.
  • Annual Electrical Inspection to identify potential hazards.
  • Monthly money saving ideas
  • No hassles. No extra charge for after-hour service calls. Okay, here’s the deal. As a preferred customer, you get all of these amazing benefits for only $125 per year. But wait, there’s more. Sign-up now and receive a free yearly safety check-up. It’s the perfect way to help protect your home or business.So, what are you waiting for? Call Trinity Electric today and ask about our Preferred Customer Program.

    As a service agreement customer, you’ll understand why being a Trinity Electric VIP is the best deal in town.

    Get a detailed transferable electrical inspection report ($125.00 value)Get discounted pricing as a service agreement customer on all future work. Get priority service. You won’t have to wait when you have an emergency, major problem or get an outrageous estimate in an emergency situation. Get a yearly safety checkup and electrical inspection to find minor problems before they become major. Get up to date electrical safety tips and the latest consumer news on technology and ways to save money and keep your home safe. Only $125/yr.(best value!!!!)

– See more at: https://straightupllc.com//electrical- inspection.html#sthash.W7GYil8G.dpuf

Call us today at (504) 579-2257 or complete our online service request form.

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