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Electrical Options Catalog

Trinity Electric LLC is pleased to offer the following options and upgrades for your home. Included are a wide range of quality items designed to meet your needs whether you’re looking to add designer styling, modern convenience, energy efficiency or safety

Table of Contents

Decora ReceptacleDecora Rocker Switch
Illuminated Decora Rocker SwitchIlluminated Toggle Switch
Occupancy SensorsEmergency Flasher Switch
Dimmer SwitchesProgrammable Timer Light Switch
Emergency Generator Transfer SwitchWhole House Ventilator
Powered Attic VentilatorsFan Light Night-light Units
Ultra Silent Exhaust Fan / Light / Night LightBuilt-In Ironing Center
Recessed Down LightsWhole House Surge Protector
Decora Surge Protective ReceptacleFour-In-One Surge Protective Receptacle
Ceiling FansDecora Fan Speed Control
Out Of Sight Power Phone JackStereo Intercom System
Remote StationsPlan for the future


Table of Contents

Decora Receptacle
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Enjoy the sleek and clean appearance of Decora receptacles. A perfect compliment to the wide array of Decora switches.

Decora Rocker Switch
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When you want a room to look perfect down to the smallest detail, install a sleek Decora® rocker switch

Illuminated Decora Rocker Switch
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Great for bathrooms, hallways & bedrooms (Especially where young children are involved.) a paddle fan with a light kit.

Occupancy Sensors
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Add efficiency and hands-free convenience to your lighting. Turns on lights automatically whenever anyone enters or opens the door, remains on as long as there is some motion, and turns out the lights when motion ceases. Great for kids closets and bathrooms.

Emergency Flasher Switch
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New 911 switch flashes outdoor lights in an emergency. Alerts neighbors and helps emergency personnel locate your home quickly. During normal operation, the 911 switch functions as a standard on/off Decora rocker switch. In an emergency, press the illuminated “Flash” button.

Illuminated Toggle Switch
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When the lights are off, the toggle on the Lighted-Handle Toggle Switch emits a soft glow that’s easy to spot in darkened areas. There’s no more fumbling in the dark to find the switch since it’s easily detectable.

Dimmer Switches
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“A dimmer is a light softener, a mood maker… Your new home is an extension of yourself. It should be beautiful. People love soft lights…washing across walls, playing on folds of fabric. And people love the way dimmed lights bring out the rich colors in their interiors. Using dimmers to control your lights is a quick way to bring a room to life.”

Dimmers pay for themselves
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By dimming lights in any room, you use less electricity. Reduced energy consumption also means extended bulb life.

Light Level Electricity Lamp Life Extended 90% 10% 2 Times 75% 20% 4 Times 50% 40% 20 Times 25% 60% Greater than 20 Times

Experience lighting magic in every room. Use dimmers to soften lights for reading, talking and romance. The best restaurants know the secret of a great dining experience: comfortable lighting levels. Dimmers calm your bright bathroom lights Dimmers bring movie theater magic into your home

Programmable Timer Light Switch
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Convenient Daily On/Off Light Scheduling
Electronic Timer Switches provide an easy, simple and inexpensive way to add greater comfort, convenience, energy savings and security to any home.
Features and Benefits
For residential incandescent lighting control including indoor, outdoor and seasonal lighting. Automates daily switching program by responding to DIP switch ON or OFF position for each hour; repeats until function switch is moved to Manual or OFF mode.

ON/OFF manual control possible when tab at bottom of frame is moved to the “MAN” (manual) position. Battery-powered memory backup up to 48 hours in case of power failure.

Emergency Generator Transfer Switch
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The Emergency Generator Transfer Switch Panel allows you to start up a generator and then restore power to critical circuits when utility power is not available. You designate which circuits are critical such as your refrigerator, freezer, furnace, sump pump and certain lighting circuits.

Beat The Heat
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Attics can be brutally hot on a summers day. When heat is absorbed by your walls and ceilings, attic temperatures can climb to over 150 degrees. Even if your ceilings are well insulated and your home is air conditioned, this heat can seep down into your home.

Whole House Ventilator
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Push the heat out, pull a breeze through.
A whole house fan draws cooler outside air through your open windows and forces it through the attic and out through the roof vents. Your house and your attic are all cooled. Whole house fans are designed to operate in the early morning and after sundown, when the outside temperature drops.

The idea is to turn off the air conditioning and to turn on the whole house fan. With your windows open, fresh, cool air is drawn into your home, forcing out the hot air. Because whole house fans use far less energy than air conditioners, they cut cooling costs. In fact, whole house fans typically use about one-tenth of the electricity of comparably sized air conditioners.

Powered Attic Ventilators
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Attic Ventilators remove superheated attic air, making any home more comfortable, whether it’s air conditioned or not. In homes that are, the air conditioners run less and don’t have to work nearly as hard. These units have a 14” diameter steel blade specially designed for maximum air movement. Each unit operates automatically by using an adjustable built-in thermostat.

Three-Function Control with Indicator Light

Fan Light Night-light Units
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One smooth action on-off rocker switch with pilot light which glows when power is on – one 2-function control with separate on-off switches. Decora Decorator style. Heat/Fan/Light/Night Light

Designer series combination unit offers the added comfort of instant, fan-forced heat. Get instant warmth in the bathroom without having to turn up the central thermostat.

Ultra Silent Exhaust Fan / Light / Night Light

Ultra-quiet high performance bath fan with a modern-styled, low-profile grille. The new standard for sound performance.

• One of the industries lowest sound levels at 0.6 Sones.

Fan motor is so quiet that the following indicator Light Switch is helpful to make sure that the fan is turned off.

Built-In Ironing Center
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Store everything you need in one compact space with a built-in ironing center. It provides you with a convenient, durable, fold-away ironing board in one compact built-in cabinet.

Recessed Down Lights
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According to lighting and design experts, there are several types of lighting techniques and lighting plans that can be used to illuminate spaces within your home. The first, general or ambient lighting, provides even, overall illumination.

This type of light is attractively provided with recessed down-lights and doesn’t clash with any particular type of décor. Down-lights are spaced in a regular pattern, and should be positioned according to furniture placement, windows and door openings.

• Bedrooms can make excellent use of ambient lighting and help eliminate the need for lamp lighting; Have a switch installed for recessed overhead lighting close to where the bed will be located for ease of use.

Baffle Trim Used for general lighting

Eyeball Trim Used for directing light to specific areas such as fireplace mantles

Shower Trim Used for lighting wet locations

General lighting in dining rooms can provide accent lighting to table settings, on either side of a chandelier, and can highlight artwork, buffet displays, or curio objects.

GDown lights mounted 18″ off the edge of the cabinets and spaced 3′ to 4′ on centers is an excellent way to create additional general lighting.

One fixture mounted over the mirror is a good way of lighting the bathroom, but can cause shadows on the face. Addition of recessed down lights mounted 24″ to 36″ on centers between the face and the mirror is a better method for lighting the face and the head.

In bathrooms, down-lights can be used to chase shadows and provide light in spaces that are sometimes overlooked, such as over bathtubs and showers

In living rooms, ambient lights should be placed about 8 feet apart, providing for functional lighting needs as well as for mood setting scenarios using dimmers

Surge Protection
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The popularity of home offices, the internet and home theaters means that there are more home electronics that are vulnerable to voltage surges than before. A whole house protection plan must protect against voltage surges on both the power line and the telephone or communication lines.

You may be unaware that surges can enter your expensive electronic equipment (modems, FAX machines, answering machines, TV’s, VCR’s) through telephone lines and cable TV or satellite dish connections. Some home entertainment systems, as well as computers, use more than one of these systems simultaneously.

Power surges in the home can be caused by a number of events. The most obvious is lightning. In some areas, you can expect to have a lightning strike within a square mile of your home at least once a year or more. That strike, should it hit a power line, can send a damaging surge into your home that may spread housewide.

Another type of surge can be caused by power switching at your utility. Either from generator to generator or from utility feeds. These smaller surges occur regularly. In the past, most home appliances could handle the smaller surges, but over time they can damage computer chip based devices.

Whole House Surge Protector
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Connects directly to the circuit breaker box. Provides power line protection, 2-pair telephone/fax/ modem protection and dual CATV/ satellite feed surge protection. Protected Equipment Warranty covers $10,000 for “White Appliances”/$25,000 for Communication Electronics.

Decora Surge Protective Receptacle
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To protect microwave ovens, small appliances, computers, televisions, stereos, etc. from the damaging effects of power surges, use a Surge Protective Device Receptacle.

Four-In-One Surge Protective Receptacle
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If you’ve just bought a new PC and printer, added a two-line phone and fancy new voice/data communications equipment to your home office, a compact Four-In-One Receptacle with LED light is perfect to shield delicate circuitry.

Ceiling Fans Pay For Themselves
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Did you know you save energy in the summer (by as much as 40%) when you turn up the thermostat and turn on a ceiling fan. That’s because in the summer, every single degree below 75 that you set your thermostat you increase your cooling costs by about 9%.

Ceiling fans create a wind chill effect that makes rooms feel cooler than they actually are and cost considerably less to run than your air conditioning system.

In the winter, ceiling fans can move heat trapped near the ceiling back into the living area, reducing heating costs by up to 10%. This is especially valuable in rooms with high or vaulted ceilings.

Fan Speed / Fan Light Control
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Provides convenient operation of ceiling fan speed and ceiling fan lights.

Decora Fan Speed Control
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Bring the world of high fashion into your home with stylish fan speed controls. Its fluid slide movement can fine-tune your fan’s speed while its Decora style adds a touch of class to any décor.

Out Of Sight Power Phone Jack
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The Out-of-Sight PowerJack is a unique 4-wire telephone jack providing a low-voltage power supply that installs behind cordless wall phones, answering machines and combination units. No more unsightly dangling cords and bulky transformers to interfere with décor. All unsightly wires tuck neatly behind the phone for a streamlined look.

An integrated network is where the present meets the future in residential wiring. It integrates home office, home networking, home theater, whole-house video, Internet and phone service. Turning the house of today into the home of tomorrow.

The integrated network home system is built around a central structured wiring system and application modules for Whole-House Internet, Home Office and Home-Wide Video. This gives you greater control and flexibility of familiar services, such as telephone and cable TV service, and brings you exciting new features, such as in-home computer networking.

Integrated networks will make your new home the easiest to use and help to make it the most enjoyable place you have ever lived. And add resale value to your home should you ever decide to sell.

Your new home will be more than a collection of rooms. It will be a collection of technologies. Integrated network are designed to organize and distribute these technologies throughout your new home more simply and more effectively than ever before.

Integrated networks connect you to the world of the Internet. From the world of your new home.

The popularity of the Internet has brought almost as many computers to today’s homes as telephones. Integrated networks make it easy to link them more efficiently and use them more effectively than you ever have before.

You’ll be able to enjoy high-speed Internet access from the family room, the bedrooms, or the kitchen. Imagine watching a streaming video of a master chef via Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) or cable modem, and downloading the recipe at the same time.

And to help protect those new computers, and all your expensive home electronics, integrated networks also offer whole-house surge suppression to guard against damaging overvoltage caused by voltage spikes. Your new home will be more than a collection of rooms. It will be a collection of technologies.

Integrated network are designed to organize and distribute these technologies throughout your new home more simply and more effectively than ever before.

Stereo Intercom System
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• Talk from any station to all other stations
• Answer door from any intercom speaker
• Monitoring or listening-in feature for checking on baby or keeping tabs on a person confined to a bed
• Control the entire system from the Master Station
• Optional chime module FM/AM Radio & FM/AM Radio With CD Player
• Digitally-tuned AM/FM radio
• Radio memory presets
• LCD displays radio frequency, memory stations
• Auxiliary program audio input allows distribution of an external music source such as a multi-disc CD player to all stations
• Model with high quality built-in CD player

Remote Stations
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• Use multiple room speakers and door speakers for instant communications
• Talk from any station to all other stations
• Answer door from any station
• Control radio from Remote Stations; on/ off, select memory radio stations
• Control music and intercom volume using built-in controls

Plan for the future
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♦ If you plan on having a refrigerator or freezer in your garage or basement, install an additional receptacle on a separate dedicated circuit
♦ If you plan on having landscape lighting, install additional exterior weatherproof GFCI receptacles in strategic locations so that you can plug in the transformers that will be needed.
♦ If you plan on having a workbench, add several GFCI receptacles on a dedicated circuit.
♦ If you plan on installing surround sound speakers, install an empty conduit system so that you can install and/or replace speaker wiring in the future.
♦ Do away with the annoying pullchain string that hangs down in your reach-in closet. Install a switch to turn the closet light on and off.
♦ Install a dedicated exterior GFCI receptacle at the front corner of your house for Christmas lights.
♦ Install a switch next to your beds headboard to turn bedroom lights on and off.
♦ Most rooms, (bedrooms, living rooms, family rooms, dens) rely on a switched receptacle to control a table lamp. If you want even illumination, add can lights or a paddle fan with a light kit.
♦ If you plan on building a patio or deck, install additional coach lights on the back of your house to provide nighttime illumination.

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