Electrical Perfection is Paramount

Electrical Perfection is Paramount

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experienced electrician services Destrehan LA

Electrical work within your home needs to be carried out in perfect fashion. Electricity is dangerous if installed in a manner that is unsafe. Shocking and electrical fires are very real issues, and can be fatal is severe. Never allow any contractor off the street to install or attend to electrical issues in your home. Electricity requires the services of trained professionals who understand the rules regarding electrical installations, and are able to carry out work that guarantees safety to you, and your family.

Home Services

 Trinity Home Services are the all-round contractor who is able to supply you with electrical installations and repairs that guarantee safety and comfort throughout the year. We offer personalized, professional, experienced electrician services Destrehan LA.

We are completely dedicated to becoming the professional company our community deserves. We strive for perfection in every department, whether it be phone answering, to installations. Every person is held accountable for their actions, and all actions are geared towards the satisfaction of our customers.

We believe that our staff are our future so we invest in theirs. A workforce that is happy in their work, will provide our customers with the best service possible.

We are registered statewide and have extensive insurance which covers you, our customers in the event that anything untoward should occur. This is more of a preventive measure and allows you to feel at ease. We guarantee satisfaction and safety on every job.

Our experienced electrician services Destrehan LA is something that we are proud of and have worked hard to grow and develop. We offer electrical certificates for our new installations, which abide by the laws of the state. This ensures that your insurance will have no problem covering your home.

experienced electrician services Destrehan LA

Other Services

 Our specialties are not limited to electrical work. We offer excellent air conditioning, heater, and generator services. Our maintenance plans are in place to help make your life a little less stressful.

Heating and cooling installations are immaculate, and display superior workmanship. We know the value of regular maintenance and undertake these with care. No part of your equipment is left unchecked. Repairs are recommended when necessary, and breakdowns evaluated to ascertain the problems. All our services are fast, efficient, and delivered with professionalism, but we don’t forget the value of the personal touch.

For a small monthly fee, you can have the burden of keeping track of your system maintenance lifted from your shoulders. We take care of it all.

Indoor air quality is something that is extremely important to the health of your family. We offer indoor air quality evaluations, and offer advice and solutions on how to improve yours.

Call us and become a part of the Trinity family. We treat our family with the respect, honesty, and integrity that is warranted. (504) 305 1222. Solutions to your problems are a phone call away. Call us and ensure the safety of your home, family, and yourself by employing our experienced electrician services Destrehan LA. Never encounter a shocking experience with us.

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