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AC repair installation in New Orleans, LA

Use these easy steps to make sure your air conditioner is ready to keep you cool and out of the humidity this spring by following this helpful checklist from Trinity Home Services. We are a local business providing AC repair installation in New Orleans, LA to families that’s both reliable and affordable. Here are our top recommendations to help make sure your air conditioner is in the best shape to run this spring.

  1. Start small with filters. As a homeowner, your number one job is to change filters on your air conditioner. Once it gets warm and you’re running your air conditioner frequently, you should change your filter every month. During months with less frequent use, you can scale back the changes to once every one to three months, but check the manufacturer’s recommendations first. One tip we’ve found very successful is to keep a set of filters on the ready right next to your AC. Next time you visit the hardware store to buy a filter, pick up extras so you can remove some of the hassle of this job. Add a reminder to your calendar on your phone and make it simple. The reason behind this emphasis? Changing filters keeps excess dirt and debris from escaping past an already dirty filter from clogging the moving parts inside your AC. Any drag created from these contaminants in your AC will lead to more frequent breakdowns and a rise in your monthly cooling costs.
  2. Schedule your annual maintenance appointment. If it’s been a year or more since the last time you can remember a certified AC technician looking at your unit, you’re overdue for maintenance tune up. Just like changing the oil on your car ensures the engine runs smoothly and prevents engine failure, a maintenance appointment sets your AC back on track in terms of performance. To keep its lifespan closer to 15-20 years rather than dying ahead of time, this appointment gives your technician a chance to catch small repairs early on, saving you money. For about an hour’s time, your unit will work better and be clean.

AC repair installation in New Orleans, LA

  1. Do a “sound check” on your air conditioner. Listening for clues your AC needs a repair will help you be sure you’re ready for spring. Any strange sounds like humming, clanking, or buzzing are signs of an internal problem so make sure to call for a repair opinion. These usually don’t go away, but do more damage over time so it’s best to call now rather than wait. Also listen to the way your AC runs. If you notice its circulating air constantly, and never reaching the temperature on your thermostat, it may need a coolant recharge, have a leak somewhere, or have another problem that needs to be addressed.

When you need AC repair installation in New Orleans, LA, chose Trinity Home Services over the rest for fair pricing, reliable work, friendliness, and knowledgeable service. Call us today at 504-305-1222.

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