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Heater Inspection Service ensures you are warm and cozy all winter long!

Heater Inspection Service in Metairie, New Orleans, and Kenner, LA - Trinity Home ServicesThe perfect time to get your heating system inspected is just before the winters set in. There’s never a better place as cozy and warm as home, especially during the holidays. During the festivities when family and friends are visiting you don’t want your heating systems to die on you. As your heating system sits idle for the better part of the year, it’s essential to have it regularly maintained to ensure that it is working during those cold winter months.

Heater and Thermostat Checks

Our technicians will check if the thermostat is recording the correct temperature before test-starting your furnace. They’ll also ensure the furnace is firing correctly when the temperature on the thermostat is turned up. A healthy and efficient system is determined by checking on the state of flue gases, smoke & oxygen count and consistent temperature. Soot is also an indicator for furnaces not firing completely and efficiently.

Heater Safety Devices

All safety switches must be checked for damage or any maintenance that might be required. Pilot safety switches on both gas and oil systems should also be inspected.

Heater Motor and Fan

Our HVAC technicians are trained to check and clean debris from the blower area on forced-air systems. For optimal performance, bearing lubrication, drive-belt inspection and alignment are also performed. Keeping the home heating system in top shape.

Oil and Propane Tanks

Your home heating system should help you relax during the cold winters and not give you chilly nights. An experienced HVAC technician should verify the fuel source and inspect the tank (if present) and the connecting lines. They pre-empt any leaks and breakdowns with an electrical health check-up. You can ensure that your electricity bills are lower by almost 20% with regular maintenance.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide is often referred to as the “silent killer”. Even a minuscule amount of carbon monoxide leakage can cause considerable damage. If not detected quickly it could turn lethal. To make sure home heating systems are filtering toxins and keeping the air you breathe safe, an electrical inspection is a must. Our HVAC experts will test the functioning of carbon monoxide detectors and also the power systems related to it.

HVAC System Tune-Ups

When you buy a new home, it’s important to make sure that a separate HVAC inspection is done. Home inspectors recommend it as they aren’t HVAC experts, and inspections help you avoid surprises. Just like we need annual health check-ups to make sure everything in our body is working right, routine inspection and maintenance of home heating systems are not to be missed. It will ensure lower electric bills, a long-lasting HVAC system, peace of mind and cozy winters.

For Heater Inspection Service in New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, Arabi, Destrehan, Gretna, Jefferson, LaPlace, Marrero, and River Ridge, LA, contact us today!

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