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Heater Replacement Service in New Orleans, LA

Heater Replacement Service in Metairie, New Orleans, and Kenner, LA - Trinity Home ServicesYour family’s comfort is important, and it is essential to have a properly functioning heater. There are many factors to consider in determining if you need a new heater, or if routine maintenance will provide the quality of comfort you expect for your family. Trinity Home Services provides heater replacement, inspection, and repair in New Orleans, Metairie, Kenner, & the surrounding area.

Heater Installation

The first consideration for selecting a heater is fuel type. If your home utilizes natural gas, the most economical heater will be a gas furnace, which provides efficient, inexpensive heat year–round. If you don’t have a gas hookup, electric heaters are a quality option. Due to the cost of electricity, electric heaters are the most expensive to operate, but there are some efficient electric models in today’s market for people seeking to reduce their power intake.

Understanding Heater Efficiency

In terms of efficiency, furnaces are measured by their AFUE rating. This rating describes how much fuel the heater utilizes to produce heat. Modern heaters have AFUE ratings of 80% or higher, meaning they utilize at least 80% of the fuel they consume to produce heat.

AFUE Ratings Compared To Overall Cost

Some gas heaters are capable of maintaining AFUE ratings of higher than 96%, turning almost all the fuel they use into heat. However, the higher the AFUE rating, the more expensive the heater. Many homeowners consider the upfront cost of a heater in relation to the overall cost of running the heater over the lifetime of the appliance and consider a model that fits within their budget.

Heater Maintenance

Once a heater has been installed, routine maintenance will ensure it lasts for the manufacturer’s recommended age of the appliance, potentially 15-20 years. Routine maintenance can stave off replacing a furnace for up to a decade, which translates into more money in your pocket. Heater maintenance is done once a year. It involves checking common components, checking for leaks or clogs, and assessing the ductwork to ensure all of the air being heated by your heater is being delivered to each register.

Heater Repair Service

Even with regular maintenance, sometimes things go wrong and your system requires repairs. To help pinpoint the problems before they get too big, consider doing a few simple things. First, notice if one room feels warmer, or cooler than another, or if there’s a difference in heat during the day. If so, your heater is likely the culprit. Second, be aware of your average heating bills. If you start getting bills that are above normal, you could be losing heat and paying for higher fuel consumption.

Loss of efficiency is a sure sign that your heater needs repair and could indicate that it’s time for a heater replacement.

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