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In several parts of the U.S.A, space heating is the single largest component of residential energy use.  The choice of heating system could have a considerable effect on overall energy cost and comfort as well.

If you are having a heating system that is 20 years old or more, you are likely to be spending a lot of money to keep it running- money that could be spent on acquiring new and more efficient heating system.

When purchasing a new home in Jefferson, LA, selecting one with a well-designed and improved heating system will go a long way in benefiting you in terms of operating cost or installation. Choosing a suitable heating system, either as replacement or brand new installation requires basic understanding of the efficiency ratings, the types of systems and cost.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing A New Heating System

  1. Energy Source or Fuel Type- you need to consider which energy source you want to use between natural/propane gas, electricity or fuel oil. If you are going for fuel, you should consider the type of fuel readily available to you and the cost.
  2. Distribution System-you can choose between forced air or hot water distribution system for your heating system installation. Both types of distribution have their benefits and disadvantages.
  3. System Efficiency-an important factor to consider when installing heating system is the efficiency of the system. The higher the system’s efficiency, the lower the cost incurred in operating it.
  4. Overall Cost-when planning to install a new heating system, consider not just the initial cost of installation, but also the maintenance cost.

Choose Trinity Electric

At Trinity Electric, we pride ourselves in providing the best heating installation service in Jefferson LA and its immediate area. We are made up of a team of efficient and highly qualified technicians who are the best in the field. Our customer care line is open 24/7 to receive your emergency calls at 504-305-1222, schedule an appointment with Trinity Electric and start enjoying our services now.

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