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Home Standby Generator in New Orleans

Don’t name your kids Cindy, Katrina, Rita, or Isaac. Why? It’s probably best that people don’t subconsciously relate your kids to some of the worst storms this city has endured in recent memory. We all lost so much. But, just because we got knocked down and kicked around doesn’t mean we gave in and gave up. Even when the blackness of the night almost extinguished the hope of the dawn, we fought on. We moved back. We rebuilt. The soul of this great city and the collective spirit of its indomitable inhabitants, propelled us onwards even when we thought we couldn’t go on. It wasn’t all for nothing. We have learned so much from the tragedy we so bravely endured.

One of the lingering lessons that became so painfully clear to us, was the fact that the pillars of civilization come tumbling down when the lights go out. When the lights go out, darkness falls. In its descent, it brings chaos, fear, uncertainty, danger, and in the worst cases, death. When the life and death struggles of the storm return to this city, do you have access to light to pierce through the darkness the next time that it falls? With the current increase in natural disasters occurring worldwide, it’s prudent to wonder when New Orleans will be next. As we’ve seen, nearly every one of these monsters we’ve seen has taken out the power. Even when we are blessed enough to be excluded from the worst that storms offer, such as the danger of drowning or being swept away, the power almost always goes out.

During storms, unreliability shifts from a slight inconvenience to an absolute detriment for our survival. Having the power to receive emergency transmissions on time is a gravely urgent priority. Power outages aren’t only unsafe and dangerous, they’re very costly as well. The cost of damages related to severe weather power outages has stolen millions of dollars from this city and its inhabitants almost every year. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have any money earmarked to throw into the floodwaters as they slowly retreat into the Gulf where they belong. Joking aside, many of the issues of safety, reliability, and cost related to power outages during severe weather are avoidable during those storms that allow us to remain in our homes.

That’s right, with the correct addition to your home, you can stifle danger, unreliability, and out of control costs related to loss. How? A home generator is precisely the solution to these pressing problems. Instead of feeling frantic and being held hostage by despair when the power goes out, your backup will be online in less than 10 seconds when you choose the correct home generator. In a sea of poorly crafted imports reeking of cost-cutting engineering concessions, it is difficult to make an informed decision. Today we’ll examine 3 of the most popular brands of home generators. After we go in-depth and evaluate all 3 brands, one brand will stand out due to its clearly superior standing compared to the others. So, which one will it be?

Brand #1 Generac

With the biggest marketing budget in the industry, it’s easy to surmise why Generac is on the tip of so many contractors’ and customers’ tongues. Does the notoriety of a brand’s offering always signify its superiority in comparison to other offerings in the marketplace? Pssh, you know better than that! Let’s look beyond Generac’s obfuscating marketing ploys to see how Generac truly measures up in the eyes of electrical contractors, residential consumers, and in consideration of what truly matters to you.

Three Reason Why This Brand Doesn’t Cut It-

  1. Generac is a complete customized system that is built piece by piece. Each piece is proprietary, which translates into a hassle when the inevitable repair presents itself. Another side effect of Generac’s proprietary custom designs is the fact that there is a 50% fail rate straight out of the box. That sounds far too risky when you’re looking to purchase and install a home generator that you can trust.
  1. The consensus among electrical contractors is that Generac is crap. Quoted directly from an electriciantalk.com (a popular forum for professional electrical professionals), “Every Generac unit should be melted down and sold as scrap. The engineers that design them should be fired. The bosses that approved the design should be shot.” “Generac = gener crap.” Both of those appraisals scream, “Don’t buy!”
  1. Customers that have taken a leap of faith and made a purchase anyway, aren’t very happy with Generac either. How do I know? Generac had over $12,000,000 in warranty claims last year. Customers are also unhappy with the fact that Generac does not coat their alternators, so they don’t last nearly the amount of time that appropriately treated alternators last.

Brand #2 Briggs & Stratton (G.E.)

Sometimes a new entrant into the competitive sphere is just what an industry needs. However, even when the newbie’s offering is exactly what the market needs, it takes many iterations, reiterations, and a sufficient passage of time to prove the newbies assertions as empirically factual. G.E. is a very new player in the generator game. Even though, Briggs and Stratton has a pretty good reputation as a motor manufacturer, it remains to be seen if G.E. can truly compete with the big boys.


Three Reason Why This Brand Doesn’t Cut It-

  1. Being so new to the scene, this brand of generator doesn’t have the same amount of data available concerning its long-term performance. Are you ok with being a part of this company’s process of working all the kinks out and getting their best product to market? I didn’t think so. Home generators are nothing to experiment with and hope for the best.
  1. There this a pretty significant design flaw with these generators concerning use in New Orleans, as well. The thin metal outside coating has almost no chance of surviving for what is considered a normal life span for other brands. No data exists to determine whether these generators will be able to stand up to the heat and humidity of Louisiana. That can lead to failure in any of the 3 domains that matter most to you, safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.
  1. The professional verdict is still out as well. Based on the data that we have available it is logical to conclude that the risk may outweigh the reward, especially in a severe weather emergency. There are a few good ideas implemented, such as equipping the unit with a quality switch that can handle and prioritize critical load shedding. Why choose an unknown performer when the top of the class has an overabundance of performance data available?

Brand #3 Kohler  

Kohler is the proven winner when comparing home generators. Kohler has been in this business since 1920, when they built the first generator. Kohler utilizes superior frequency and power quality for today’s sensitive electronic equipment. Pick up any recent applicable consumer report, you will see Kohler winning awards as the top-rated home standby generator every single time. So, why is this brand the best home standby generator?

Why This Brand Takes the Cake-

  1. For one thing, it’s a smash hit with professional electrical contractors. The engine is a commercial grade hydraulic design, and valves do not need to be adjusted. That makes maintenance so much easier in comparison to the other popular brands. Professionals also liked the fact that there is a separate piece of copper installed through the alternator to crank up better. Professionals approved of the design choice to seal the alternator and the outside shell is more rust resistant. This allows it to stand up to the grueling conditions of New Orleans better than any other brand. Professionals also gush about Kohler’s ISO 9001 certification, standardized manufacturing processes, widely available parts, and yearly performance reviews to maintain their certification and standardization.


  1. The endorsement rings just as true among consumers as it does among professional electrical contractors. Consumers like the fact that unlike other manufacturers, Kohler makes all the parts (including generators and motors), in house. That means that customers don’t struggle to find parts and labor when repairs need to be made. Customers also appreciate the fact that authorized dealers are one-stop shops for purchase, delivery, and installation. Kohler generators are the quietest in the business by decibel, resulting in a very quiet and efficient functionality. New Orleans, Metairie, and Kenner customers note that the plastic shell on Kohler’s at home standby generators absolutely destroys the competitions’ outer shells.
  1. What really stands out is Kohler’s simplicity and ease of use for the customer. Kohler home standby generators automatically begin providing power to your home within 10 seconds of your home disconnecting from the utility grid. That means no fumbling over complicated instructions by candlelight or shaky flashlight. As soon as you need it, your power is restored before you have time to even wonder what you’re going to do (that means in 10 seconds or less). Kohler home standby generators run on liquid propane or natural gas so you aren’t obligated to do inconvenient fuel refills. Kohler is the epitome of turnkey simplicity and proven reliability.

The buildup of storms throughout 2017 is eerily reminiscent of the frequent and gradually more severe storms of 2003 and 2004 right before we got hit with the big one in 2005. Even if the big one isn’t on the horizon, we know it takes far less than that to overwhelm our utilities and leave us confused and vulnerable in the ensuing darkness. That isn’t the time to experience failure with Generac. That isn’t the time to see if G.E.’s Briggs & Stratton can handle what the bayou throws at it. You need a reliable back up plan that you can afford to maintain that will keep your family safe when you need it. You need a practical solution to the power problem that is lurking just around the corner and waiting to strike during the next storm. You need a Kohler.

Call Trinity now at 504-579-2257 for a free quote and position yourself to experience the reliability, safety, and cost-effectiveness that you and your family deserve.

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