Allergies in New Orleans

  Allergies in New Orleans It’s April in New Orleans, and everyone knows what that means.   Sure, Jazz Fest, Strawberry Fest, and French Quarter Fest are all pretty solid options — but in reality, what April really means in New Orleans is allergies.  What if we told you that we could severely reduce, or […]

The Dangers Of Knob And Tube Wiring In New Orleans, LA

As you can imagine, knob and tube wiring in New Orleans, LA is an old-fashioned method of wiring buildings between 1880 and 1930. Nowadays, though obsolete, there are still places where this type of wiring is still functioning due to the lack of upgrades in old constructions and homes. There is a high risk in having […]

5 Things to Keep In Mind When Dealing With Electrical Problems At Home

When handling electrical wiring in your home, you must be careful since a small miscalculation can not only harm you but also endanger your family members and property. To avoid such accidents, only work on simple electric problems that you can handle yourself while hiring a professional electrical repair service Metairie LA to take care of more […]

Living Safely With Knob And Tube Wiring

New Orleans is distinct from other cities of the US. The unique balance of old and new found here can hardly be felt anywhere else. While we keep up with modern technology and architecture, we don’t let go of the old. It’s not surprising to find many old buildings and homes with knob and tube wiring […]

Why Having Electrical Repair Service In Metaire LA Is So Important.

  No one likes to think about it, and that’s why we need to talk about it. What would happen in the worst case scenario if an electrical fire started in your home? It’s a horrible thought. Calling an electrical repair service Metairie LA is cheaper and much less stressful to think about. We know how it […]

How To Find A Good Electrical Repair Service In Your Area

When you really think about it, the wires and circuits that make up your electrical system are what keeps your home comfortable and safe. However finding an electrical repair service in Metairie, LA that will act professional when something goes wrong is quite a challenge. Filtering through the seemingly giant list of service providers, and […]

Keeping Your Home Connected: Prevent Catastrophe With Aluminum Wiring

Keeping Your Home Connected: Prevent Catastrophe With Aluminum Wiring If you are reading this you are likely curious as to why your home is connected via aluminum wiring and if all the controversial rumors are true. Well, you’ve reached the right place. The answer to the first question is simple. Older homes are commonly connected […]

Useful Safety Tips For Your Generator And Yourself

Useful Safety Tips For Your Generator And Yourself Having a generator with you can help you out of a lot of mishaps that can come along unnoticed. From unexpected blackouts to tool-usage in the exterior of your house. These amazing machines can be as helpful as they could pose a risk when not taken good […]