Electrical DIY Projects Are Not Always a Good Idea

There’s something extremely gratifying about fixing something that’s broken. Although it may seem like a chore at first, it’s always rewarding to use something that we fixed all on our own. That’s why we choose the DIY route for a lot of things. Now is a great time to be a DIY-er. All the how-to’s […]

A Replacement May Just Save You a Headache

Trinity customers are always ready for any heating or air conditioning needs that the seasons bring. This is because we always make sure our clients are informed of the signs of a malfunctioning unit and stress the importance of getting a heating replacement service in Metairie, LA when it is necessary. So, whether it’s Thanksgiving […]

On The Grid or Off, We’ll keep You Powered

I am sure you will all agree that life without electricity would be uncomfortable, and near impossible. Everything we do revolves around the ease and convenience of electricity. Sure there are other ways of gaining the same effects to some extent, but they are certainly much lengthier than and not as easy as simply flicking […]

AC repair installation Metairie LA

THE BEST INSTALLATION & REPAIR YOU CAN FIND When your home is without a cooling system, especially during the summer, life becomes very uncomfortable and unbearable. A cooling system, like the air conditioner, gives you the ability to regulate the temperature conditions in your home, while also making the home comfortable for every occupant. Installing […]

AC Repair Service Metairie LA

YOUR AIR CONDITIONER AT ITS BEST During hot weather conditions, it is important to have an appliance that will help regulate the internal temperature of your home. Your comfort and that of your family members should never be neglected; this is why the impacts of a cooling system cannot be played down. Of all the […]

Air Conditioning Installation Metairie LA

AIR CONDITIONING INSTALLATIONS The summer season is always associated with hotness; people go about their daily routines with discomfort and uneasiness. This is why having a cooling system in your home is more of a necessity than a luxury in order to protect yourself and your family from harsh weather conditions. There are various types […]

Air Conditioning Repair Metairie LA

GOOD AC – GOOD AIR The air conditioning system keeps our home cool during hot weather conditions or the summer season. Apart from its basic functions, it also protects the health and wellbeing of every member of your family by recycling the air, thereby eliminating atmospheric particles like dusts, flying insects and air-borne bacteria. What […]

Electrical and Generator Repair Jefferson LA

DIRECT AND ALTERNATIVE POWER SUPPLY Running a business without a good power supply, either from electricity or from a generating device, reduces your profitability, and this is never good for business. This is not only applicable to businesses because when your home is without a stable power supply, several appliances will not function, making your […]

Electrical Maintenance Service Metairie LA

MAINTAINING THE FULL VALUE OF ELECTRICITY Electricity is the greatest power source that keeps daily activities in our homes and businesses running smoothly. It powers almost all the appliances in our homes, from our heating systems, to our television, sound systems and lots more. The importance of electricity in our lives can never be overemphasized, […]

Electrical Repair Service Metairie LA

TAKING CARE OF ALL FAULTY ELECTRICAL APLIANCES Electrical energy is one of the most commonly used energy in the world today. It powers our homes, commercial buildings and other big buildings. Electricity holds an important spot in our lives, because it makes life easy, and it is one of the cleanest energy sources worldwide. But […]