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Electrical Enigma? Say No More

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Trinity Home Services, New Orleans is the most trusted name when it comes to electricians in New Orleans and the list of satisfied customers is a solid testimony to that. Our prices are reasonable and affordable and our service is held to the highest standards irrespective of the case.

Why Choose Us

We have built up an earned reputation over the years as the number one trusted electricians to call in an emergency. We are fully licensed and have the valid insurances in place to offer our customers peace of mind. All our technicians are fully trained professionals who have a wealth of experience and expertise in their own right. We trust our staff completely and take pride in carefully researching and evaluating before we hire anybody to work on the home of our customers.


Electrical systems in the home are of  great value and in all honesty, a necessity to our daily living. There are certain features that, as necessary as they are, they are also used to add atmosphere and aesthetics to the home. Interior lighting installation can make a world of difference to the appearance of your home. Our staff and technicians are quite capable of offering sound advice on lighting fixtures and the use of lighting to enhance the home.

Trinity Home Services New Orleans will have your home lit up in beauty in the blink of an eye. A consultation with one of our trained staff is free and we are all more than willing to answer any questions you may have. Quotations are done free of charge and you will be blown away by the more than reasonable pricing structure which we offer. All our work is done to safety standards and 100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Call Trinity Home Services today and see how we can enhance your living experience and improve the aesthetics of your home with the wonders of lighting – (504)305-1222.

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