Keeping Your Home Connected: Prevent Catastrophe With Aluminum Wiring

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Keeping Your Home Connected: Prevent Catastrophe With Aluminum Wiring

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If you are reading this you are likely curious as to why your home is connected via aluminum wiring and if all the controversial rumors are true. Well, you’ve reached the right place.

The answer to the first question is simple. Older homes are commonly connected through aluminum wiring as copper wiring only became a thing in 1972.

When it comes to all the myths of dangers and life-threatening ailments that aluminum wiring supposedly brings into your homes, the good news is a lot of these myths are just that – myths.

Why It Is Important To Get Your Outdated Wiring Replaced

Although the majority of the negative myths regarding homes connected through aluminum wiring are false there are still a few that one should pay heed to. Homeowners who have not yet had an expert electrical and generator repair Jefferson La service technician take a look at their quality of wiring should do so before it is too late.
A prime example of what “to-late” may look like can be seen in the image below:

If you live in an older home you may be thinking well it’s lasted so long I don’t want to blow my Christmas budget on rewiring the entire home!

The problem with this is aluminum and copper both share one nightmare property, which is expansion and contraction. Over time this can cause wiring to come loose with all the movement and that can lead to overheating and even small fires at unprecedented times.

This is why we recommend getting your aluminum wiring replaced or at least have an expert’s eye come and do a risk assessment before you find yourself searching for an electrical and generator repair Jefferson La service.

All hope is not lost for that Christmas vacation that you would like to get in as there is one positive aspect when it comes to calling in an electrical and generator repair Jefferson La to assess and potentially replace your aluminum wiring.
The advantage is the fact that aluminum is one of the most affordable materials for wiring than all of it’s competitors leaving your home safe and looking neat.

Don’t Want To Sit Wasting Your Time Searching For A Good Company To Use

Now as you ponder what this article could potentially mean you may find yourself weighing down the cost versus the risk of our advice. On the one-hand replacing your wiring will leave your home safe without any contaminations or potential fires.
On the other hand, forking out money for an unforeseen bill is never a pleasant experience for a tight month so what can a fella do?
Well we can make your decision simple for you save your health, time and budget by simply getting our superior team at Trinity Electric to take care of your electrical solutions by contacting us at 504-305-1222 .

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