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New Orleans is distinct from other cities of the US. The unique balance of old and new found here can hardly be felt anywhere else. While we keep up with modern technology and architecture, we don’t let go of the old. It’s not surprising to find many old buildings and homes with knob and tube wiring in New Orleans, LA.

Knob and tube(K&T) wiring is an older electrical wiring method that was popular in North America during the mid-1900s. it’s not difficult to find homes with knob and tube wiring in New Orleans, LA given the city’s long history.

Furthermore, It’s not uncommon to find people preaching the immediate need to replace knob and tube wire these days. With proper care and maintenance, it is safe to continue using K&T wiring.

How is knob and tube wiring different from modern wiring?

Knob and Tube, unlike modern wiring, only has two load carrying wires. It does not have a third grounding wire. Also, the load carrying wires are separated, rather than being wired together.

Lastly, the insulation in K&T wiring is different from that in modern wiring. Although these differences make K&T wiring slightly more disadvantageous, with proper care and maintenance, safety can be assured.

How to safely continue using knob and tube wiring in New Orleans, LA?

K&T wiring will work fine if no damage has occurred to the original wiring. Most damages are due to poor repair, aging of the wire insulation, and structural damages to areas around the wires.

Luckily, it is easy and inexpensive to fix all these problems. However, you will need a trained, experienced, and licensed electrician because of risks involved with high voltage current.

Also, adding additional circuits and the third wire for grounding is a very wise idea.

When to call a professional for K&T wiring repair?

It’s a wise idea to call a professional inspector if you can see visible signs of damage yourself. Even if there are no visible signs, it is a good idea to do so if you’ve not had your wiring inspected in a while. Visible signs include broken insulation and exposed wires, broken or missing ceramic knobs, broken structures around the wiring etc.

While it is definitely a better idea to replace K&T wiring with modern wiring, it can be very expensive. Some estimates show a price tag of more than $10,000 for an average household. Thus, many homeowners choose to replace K&T while remodeling their homes. If you are not already remodeling your house, repairing your K&T wire is a safe and wise bet.

Trinity Home Services provides excellent electrical repair and installation services to the good people of New Orleans and surrounding areas. We believe that by investing in the lives of our employees, we create a motivated, dedicated, and skilled workforce. Our knowledgeable, committed, and experienced technicians have never let us or our customers down.

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