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Make spring a refreshing season for friends and family

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Make spring a refreshing season for friends and family

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Every spring, it’s time to celebrate the sunshine with friends and family. Some of us spend time on spring cleaning projects from organizing areas of the home to DIY projects like painting a new bedroom color. Our kids get involved in springtime sports, spending time outdoors playing soccer and visiting with friends. It’s also the time to entertain, hosting barbeques and get togethers with the neighbors and having a good time. Here are some of our favorite ways to get ready for the Louisiana spring.

  1. Add splashes of color to your home decor. Now is the time to bring out bright colors and pack away dark shades of heavy fabrics. It’s simply too hot for sun absorbing fall and winter shades. Also, don’t forget to use neutral tones. White, pale colors, creams, taupes, and light grey are all the perfect backdrop for brighter shades like turquoise, blue, pink, orange, and yellow.
  2. Refresh your entrance. Make guests and family feel a welcome when they walk to your front door. Switch out a tired, weathered outdoor mat for a new welcome mat outside. Plant some seasonal, bright flowers to compliment the bright colors inside your home. A little curb appeal like this instantly gives a bright and cheerful look to your home. Picking out flowers and planting together is also a good way to spend time with the kids or your spouse doing a small project. For planting in the warm Louisiana sun, chose mornings or late evening over midday to stay a little cooler and avoid too much sun exposure.
  3. Plan a get together. Set out patio furniture and hose it down if it’s gotten dirty since the last time you hosted an event. Cut up fresh fruit for colorful platters and fire up the grill to serve up a relaxing meal. Ask guests to bring side salads or desserts and have a table set aside as a station for beverages.Trinity Electric and Home Services
  4. Keep everyone relaxed with comfort indoors. As it heats up outside, Trinity Home Services knows you want a reliable way to escape the heat. While going to the movie theater is a quick way to get cool, make sure your home is ready for the season’s increasing heat and humidity by taking advantage of our special pricing of a $49 seasonal inspection. If you need an AC repair service in Metairie, LA, we can help with that, too.
  5. Get the kids involved in a fun make-ahead treat for the warmest days. Buy fruit to make your own healthy frozen popsicle treats. Find a recipe online for inspiration or get creative. Mix your own blend of pureed fruit, soda water, and some sugar with a blender to get a customized treat. Peaches, strawberries, and pineapple are all delicious options.

Remember Trinity Home Services this spring as you prepare for a relaxing time. Call us for AC repair service in Metairie, LA today at 504-305-1222.

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