Rely on Trinity Home Services for Electric Panel Repair

Rely on Trinity Home Services for Electric Panel Repair

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Like most homeowners, you probably have drastically increased your usage of appliances, computers and other electrical equipment over the last decade. If so, your home’s electrical panel may not be able to safely handle the load. This situation is particularly true for some of the gorgeous historical homes in the New Orleans area that were built long before electricity was invented. Trinity Home Services specializes in providing electric panel repair service that will not only bring you up to code, but will also adequately handle the electrical needs of today’s modern families.

Common Electric Panel Problems

Electric panel problems often fall into five categories: corrosion, double taps, oversized breakers or fuses, improper bonding and bad or missing handle ties. Corrosion is typical in our humid climate, leading to additional repairs due to compromised electrical connections. Oversizing or overfusing presents a potential fire hazard, while bad or missing tie handles can cause a variety of electrical problems. Additionally, your electric panel may simply be old and outdated, making it prone to fire and other hazards.

Quality Service by Experienced Electricians

Whether you need a full panel upgrade or a simple repair, Trinity Home Services has the personnel to do the job quickly and safely. We perform electric panel change outs and replacements, as well as service panel upgrades for our customers in the greater New Orleans area and outlying communities. When a full upgrade is required, we also fully inspect and recommend additional work such as change outs, meter socket upgrades and wiring updates to ensure that your home’s electrical service can handle all of the technology inside it.

We are licensed, bonded and insured and employ electricians who regularly go through rigorous training programs. Around-the-clock emergency service is also available. Don’t wait any longer to ensure your home’s safety. Call us today at 504-305-1222.

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