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electrical and generator repair in New Orleans, LA

You need to pick someone you can trust when it comes to electrical and generator repair in New Orleans, LA. If you’re in the market for an installation or repair, make sure to talk to friends and neighbors along with reading Google or Yelp reviews. Misplacing your trust in someone who doesn’t do the job right is not only stressful, but it can make you feel like the world is a very dishonest place. It doesn’t have to be that way with Trinity Home Services. Our customer’s experiences speak for themselves.

Learning the hard way

Recently, one of our customers learned the hard way about misplacing trust in an inexperienced contractor. She’d gotten a generator installation from another generator installer. The job was done so poorly that when previous contractor tried to run generator it fried a bunch of her valuable electronics

The biggest problems here were:

  1. Poor work quality.
  2. Misinforming the customer.
  3. Neglecting protect the customer’s investment with warranty registration.

After the Damage

The sad story here is that she didn’t know what a good installation should look like and trusted this very inexperienced installer.

When we arrived, we were appalled by the work he’d done. It was so bad we had to treat this as a new installation because we couldn’t use any of what he had done. Take a look at the pictures to see what we mean!

After finishing a new installation for her, we started up her generator and everything worked fine. Then we helped her register the generator so she could get her warranty. No one had told her she needed to register the generator in order to have warranty coverage. When you consistently work with a level of professionalism, sometimes you forget there’s other services out there who barely have the courtesy to work with customers, let alone do the job correctly and give the customer needed information.

This is certainly a case where a bad contractor created major problems for a homeowner. Not only did the improper install cost her extra money, but her valuables were compromised by this awful work. She had to deal with the stress of fixing the problem twice and the feeling of misplaced trust that came after. And if we hadn’t helped, she still might not have a warranty covering her new generator.

If you’re in the market for a trustworthy contractor to do an installation or perform electrical and generator repair in New Orleans, LA, make sure to do your research first. Trinity Home Services can help you with tried and true experience and also has several great coupons to help you get the work you need done at an affordable price. Call us today at 504-305-1222.

Generator Picture Before[Generator Picture: Before]

Generator Picture After[Generator Picture: After]

Switch Panel Picture Before[Switch Panel Picture: Before]

Switch Panel Picture After[Switch Panel Picture: After]

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