I had a major electrical problem and Ciro of Trinity Electric came out the same day and was able to fix the problem. He did an excellent job and I highly recommend him and Trinity Electric for anyone who needs good electrical work done by an honest, reliable company.


I have a 2000 square foot shotgun double house, 80% of which was powered by knob and tube wiring–what a nightmare. I had several other electricians there before Trinity, none of whom seemed to know anything about this old wiring and told me that it wasn’t at all a problem (not true–it is a serious fire hazard).
I was relieved when Ciro and his knowledgeable crew stepped in to rewire the whole house–every switch and every outlet–plus they added some circuits. They did a beautiful job with minimal invasiveness. They did not need to cut into my walls.
They worked so quickly, discreetly, and professionally that it was barely possible to tell they were ever there.
I don’t think it is possible to find true experts at a better price. I am already recommending them to friends and family.


We are a family of 5 and our home is presently in unlivable condition as a result of the 2016 flood that ravaged 90% of our parish in Louisiana. SBA is lending us money but nothing nearly enough to cover the cost of repairs that were exacerbated as a result of nearing 4 feet of water that overtook our home.

A lady with the Cajun Army called me after they gutted my home and asked if there was anything else I needed. I told her that our home had old cloth wrapped wiring from 1955 and I was told I could never get permits until I rewired the house and replaced the electrical pan from the old-fashioned fuse type to the newer ones that were up-to-code. The quotes were coming in at $8,000 – $10,000. It might as well have been a million dollars. We were so tapped out for funds.

A man named Ciro called me, drove out over 50 miles to come see about the electrical because the Cajun Army lady had told him about me. This man is so special. Without destroying whatever blessings God has in store for him, I will tell you this: He is making all of the electrical happen for me which will allow my family to ultimately move back into our home. What a servant’s heart!!!

Please bless this very incredible man by patronizing his business. He is so smart and so incredibly talented. One need only talk to him to know that much! Call Mr. Ciro and bless him back. I intend to pay forward the only way I know how – I’m telling everybody about him. God has so many blessings for Mr. Ciro. I hope you are one of those blessings.


Quick and perfect service, as always. I repeat, quick and perfect service, as always.


I live out of town and rent my house in Metairie. After hours A/C problems…yikes! I don’t have a regular A/C guy so I started making calls. I made three of them in fact. No one answered and/or returned my calls. I was lucky that I trusted the reviews I read about Ciro and Trinity Home Services. He was not only available immediately but after hearing about the problem, convinced me to save a bit of money b/c of after-hours service and waiting until the morning (it wasn’t super hot, thankfully).

Ciro was easy to work with, very friendly and extremely communicative, which is something that’s very useful for someone like me who lives out of town.

He finished the job quickly and it was done right. I now have a new A/C company I know I can trust in.


The professionalism of the technician and the owner while explaining the diagnosis was most assuring. We thought that we needed a new unit. These honest people did not let us buy what was not needed. They made some simple repairs and the cost was minimal. God fearing, decent professionals. I felt compelled to rate this trust worthy company!


Very good, fast service. They came out after 5:00 and that is hard to find! We needed some custom work done and that’s what they specialize in! Their prices are reasonable. I highly recommend them.