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The Danger of Skipping an Air Conditioning Check Up

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The Danger of Skipping an Air Conditioning Check-Up

A New Orleans Summer without A/C,  no thanks!

I remember when I experienced my first summer without air conditioning in Metairie.   A hurricane had come through and knocked the power out, including our air conditioning system.  I was thinking  “this isn’t so bad, I don’t know what everyone was so worried about,” and then the breeze and air went away, and I was sweating bullets.

If you’ve ever been without air conditioning in New Orleans, you know how miserable it can be.  It’s not even just the simple fact that our heat on a summer day can get up to 100 degrees,  it’s more about the humidity. According to the CDC, about 656 people die from heat-stroke each year. It’s unclear how many of those happened in Louisiana, but one thing is for sure: a Louisiana sun is no joke.   Obviously, having a window unit is okay, having central air is better — but having no air conditioning is definitely the worst plan of all.  How can you make sure that you’ll have air conditioning all summer long?  The answer is simple: make sure that you have your air conditioning check-up!

$49 Air Conditioning Checkup Special

At Trinity Home Services, we have a special currently where you can get your A/C system checkup performed for just $49.  There’s no catch, you just need to have an air-conditioning unit that you’ll allow us to inspect.  Please note that if you have a unit that’s on the roof, the $49 price does not apply.  When we arrive, we’ll inspect your a/c unit and diagnose any problems, and we’ll advise you on what you can do to keep it running all summer long.

Besides being disgustingly hot, here are some more reasons why you may want to get us in for an air conditioning check-up:

1. Dirty Air Conditioning Units break more easily — Your unit, if outside, is likely filled with grass, weeds, bugs, and dirt.  A simple cleaning can keep it running all summer long.  You’d probably be upset if a little grass or mud is what stopped your air conditioning unit in it’s tracks.  Let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.

2.    Un-inspected air conditioning units can be hazardous — Anything electrical, if not properly tuned up and inspected, can become a hazard to yourself and your family.  By allowing us to inspect your unit, you can ensure that there won’t be any small fires or frayed wires.

3.   We can keep you cool before the problem gets worse — Untreated problems get worse and worse.  It may be that you only need a freon recharge today, but perhaps in a month or two that tiny pinhole could become bigger and less easily fixable.  By allowing us to inspect your system now, you’ll mitigate any future damages.  And by the way, we may be able to recharge your system so you’re at least running cold while we order any necessary parts.


Game of Thrones specifies that “Winter is Coming”, but in New Orleans, Summer can be just as frightening.  Make sure to call us today at (504) 579-2257 to schedule your appointment!



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