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The Dangers Of Knob And Tube Wiring In New Orleans, LA

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As you can imagine, knob and tube wiring in New Orleans, LA is an old-fashioned method of wiring buildings between 1880 and 1930. Nowadays, though obsolete, there are still places where this type of wiring is still functioning due to the lack of upgrades in old constructions and homes.

There is a high risk in having such an old type of wiring, and most home insurances, not to say all of them, won’t offer a policy that can cover buildings that still use this method. Here are some of the greatest dangers of Knob and Tube wiring.

It’s Not Grounded!

This old method basically uses two wires. One hot and one neutral, instead of the traditional three we’re all used to. This means, that knob and tube wiring in New Orleans, LA is not grounded.

Ungrounded wiring poses a great danger to every home with it because the third wire prevents shock, fires, short circuits amongst other electrical hazards that could affect the appliances you have at home.

It’s Poorly Insulated!

Knob and tube wiring in New Orleans, LA, and in any other areas throughout the U.S, use an unconventional type of insulation material, different than the commonly used and known Romex wire. This old fashioned material that knob and tube wiring uses deteriorates rapidly over time leaving the copper wiring exposed.

Besides the ease with which this material can be worn out, the way the wiring is set-up together, issues such as stretching and sagging can cause a very dangerous contact between the wires themselves, which could lead to a short or greater fire hazards.

It Increases The Chances Of A Fire!

One of the biggest issues a basement or attic insulation that covers the wiring can cause is for the heat to build up which could rapidly very likely turn into a fire. Because of the amperage we normally use nowadays, the current becomes too much for the wiring to handle.

Back in the 1800’s up to 1930, it was an appropriate method because of the number of appliances the average family used at home. But with our modern ways, it becomes quickly an overwhelming experience for the system and increases the dangers and risk of a fire unexpectedly starting.

Modifying or attempting to upgrade the wiring yourself instead of getting professional assistance is widely discouraged. However, a complete rewire of the household is always recommended. Since splicing or adding fuses to adapt the system to a lower amperage can create a circuit overload which will lead to a heat build-up and eventually also a fire.

It’s always of the utmost importance to be fully aware of the risks and dangers of buying or selling a house with knob and tube wiring. We are a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals that have only one goal: Your safety and satisfaction! Give us a call today at (504) 305 1222 or send us a message through our contact page!

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