Things to consider when buying a new HVAC system

Things To Consider When Buying A New HVAC System

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A few years ago, a local non-profit resale store received a large donation of new, yet outdated HVAC equipment. The resale outlet was thrilled as were local neighborhood residents. You see, the donation came at the beginning of summer, a typical time when old or malfunctioning air conditioning units need repair or replacement. To be able to purchase brand new HVAC components for thirty percent below distributor pricing seemed like a dream come true for many. Everyone from rental property landlords to new owners of old homes were lining up to take advantage of the deals. The problem was, the deals were often taking advantage of the people. Please continue reading to understand how.

Whenever a potential customer would ask a resale staff person or volunteer a question regarding the purchase of an HVAC system or part, the answer was always tentative at best. The store’s management made no secret of the fact that neither they nor their employees were HVAC experts. In fact, customers were made aware of the store’s overall lack of HVAC knowledge with both written and verbal warnings. Signs that read “ALL ITEMS SOLD AS IS – WHERE IS” were prominently posted in the HVAC section in the back of the store. Admonitions were given prior to every sale for the potential buyer to make sure he or she knew whether or not the component being purchased was compatible with the HVAC system in which it was to be installed. Customers were also strongly reminded of the policy which stated that the store refused returns due to misinformed purchases.

Yet, in spite of all the warnings, numbers of individuals refused to hire a qualified HVAC Technician as can be found at Trinity Home Services. Instead, they depended on some fly-by-night handymen, or their neighbors and uncles, to select a component that turned out to be wrong. Even though many people were able to save a lot of money, a saddening large amount wound up throwing money away. Many people learned that all too familiar lesson about bargain priced merchandise: a great deal on something you cannot use is not so great at all.

So, other than the moral-to-the-story, what should be ascertained? Are we trying to say that HVAC bargains should not be sought after, nor should anyone purchase an HVAC system or related component from a nonprofit resale store? No! That is not the message at all. HVAC bargains are good, and nonprofit charity retail stores are better. Continue to shop for the former at the latter, but make sure you are not alone. One thing that should be understood is that there are complexities involved in selecting and installing HVAC units and related parts. HVAC system components are not one-size-fits-all. There are qualified and experienced technicians at Trinity Home Services who have devoted a large amount of time developing an expertise in the field of air and climate control. Spending a few extra dollars to hire an up-to-date expert of HVAC systems to help select the right part for the correct application is money well spent.

So, call Trinity Home Services today at (504) 579-2257 and let one of our experienced HVAC technicians help you determine your climate control and ventilation needs. If you think hiring a professional to do the job is expensive, wait until you hire an amateur! After all is said and done, you can safely save money by NOT spending too little. Remember, the best bargain is the one you can use!

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