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Useful Safety Tips For Your Generator And Yourself

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Useful Safety Tips For Your Generator And Yourself

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Having a generator with you can help you out of a lot of mishaps that can come along unnoticed. From unexpected blackouts to tool-usage in the exterior of your house. These amazing machines can be as helpful as they could pose a risk when not taken good care of. We at Trinity Home Services know the importance of having all of your appliances at home working with efficiency, which is why we’d like to share some tips on safety when it comes to your generator and electrical system in your household.

Using a generator can bring some unwanted risks to your home and you might not even know it. Keeping it at an excellent state will guarantee that lots of these potential hazards are diminished, although you still need to keep in mind that as accidents happen, being prevented is the best way to avoid inconveniences or in the worst case, tragedies.

Here are some aspects you should keep in mind in regards to safety:

It works better when it’s a long distance

Generators are known to produce alarming amounts of carbon monoxide, much worse than with vehicles, they are capable of expelling quantities equal to up to around a 100 cars. Having it close to your house while you use it can be just as bad as if you had it inside. Even if you close all doors and windows, these toxic gas can still get to affect your family if it’s not kept at a safe distance. In order for you to be able to keep using it for whatever project you might have at hand, it’s widely advised to have rather long extension cords that guarantee a prudent and safe distance of around 15 feet between you, your generator and your house. In the same way, you should never have your generator running in the garage, as big as the entrance might be, some fumes might actually make their way to your house or concentrate within the structure, increasing the health risks it can usually pose.

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Make plans for it

The first and most useful advice we can give is to get carbon monoxide detectors as a preventive measure. Following a regular check of your system, you might want to leave it to professionals and never attempt to refuel it while it’s running. We offer Electrical and Generator repair in New Orleans, LA so that you don’t have to worry about your machinery failing or creating a risk for your family if it starts presenting trouble. When using it, make sure the exhaust is pointing away from your home and watch for the direction of the wind so that the fumes are not pushed in other ways; always use it in a dry environment or at least make 100% sure that it’s never in contact with humidity to avoid electrocution.

By taking care of it, you take care of yourself and your family

Having it checked regularly for failures and making sure it’s always in a safe place will save you a lot of headaches in the future. Refrain from using it during storms, rainy days or in humid environments but under no circumstances should you use it in a closed space, no matter how much or good the ventilation is.

We at Trinity Home Services offer installation, replacement, electrical and generator repair in New Orleans, LA. Give us a call today at (504)-305-1222 and let us professionals take care of everything to ensure your happiness and satisfaction.

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