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When To Get An Electrical Inspection From Trinity Home Services

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When to Get an Electrical Inspection from Trinity Home Services

It is shocking how many people disregard the importance of timely home electrical inspections. Being energy inefficient, power outages, and electrocutions are just some of the potential pitfalls that befall those who fail to keep up with electrical reviews to ensure the proper functioning of their home electrical system. That sounds like the wrong type of buzz. Also, putting your and your family’s safety at risk through negligence is extremely regrettable and entirely avoidable. As the adage goes, “When you know better you do better.” Listed below are three of the primary reasons to get an electrical inspection from Trinity Home Services.


Get an Electrical Inspection if Your House is Over 40-Years Old

Older homes have a unique charm and appeal that is impossible for a newly constructed home to duplicate. However, vintage dwellings come with additional considerations when it comes to upkeep. For example, the electrical safety foundation recommends that any house over 40 years old need an electrical inspection. That is a small price to pay for irreplaceable character and architecture that perfectly reflects your tastes. Don’t diminish the value of a classic or compromise on safety to live in your dream home. A $49 electrical inspection from Trinity Home Services is much cheaper than losing your life, your home, or your sanity from receiving involuntary shock therapy when you plug in your phone to charge.


Get an Electrical Inspection Before and Following a Major Renovation

Whenever you have different contractors from different companies contributing to major renovations in your home, it is easy for wires to become crossed or for other more dangerous complications to arise. The reason is that it is difficult to correctly coordinate the technical and electrical work that goes into significant renovations. Try explaining to your wife why the power went out the first time she flipped the switch on one of the new appliances that were a part of a recent and significant kitchen renovation. Yikes! Save yourself the hassle of sleeping on the couch by getting an electrical inspection by Trinity Home Services.


Get an Electrical Inspection if You are Selling Your Home

As a homeowner, taking pride in your home and nurturing the value of your home through updating and maintaining it is an absolute must. All your dedication and choosing to exercise attentive ownership of your home will pay off when the time comes to sell it. At that stage, making sure you get the highest return on your investment is of the utmost importance when you place your home on the market and doing so requires getting an electrical inspection before putting your house up for sale. After all, you do not want prospective buyers being scared off by an energy inefficiency that you failed to notice before entertaining offers.


Reasons to get an Electrical Inspection from Trinity Home Services

  • They are only $49!
  • If your home is over 40-years old
  • To secure the safety and peace of mind of your family before and following a major renovation
  • If you are selling your home and want to be aware of any repairs required before putting your house on the market

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