Why You Need A Specialist To Work On Your Knob & Tube Wiring In New Orleans

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This kind of wiring has been used in homes in the area ever since the late 1800s so they’re little bit different than the modern wiring other homes use! Because these electrical systems have been in place for so long, we here at Trinity Home Services will get many calls to inspect the knob and tube wiring in New Orleans, LA.

Theses systems have had plenty of time for something to go wrong, and their potential deterioration can be dangerous in an older home. The risks must be taken seriously if you’re looking to renovate or purchase an older home and update it with brand new wiring!

So in this article, we’re going to tell you a little bit about your options for replacing it, and why a specialist like ourselves can be one of your best advisors when sorting this issue out……

What’s The Difference Between This And Normal Wiring?

The knob and tube wiring in New Orleans, LA is known for the ceramic knobs and tubes that are used to protect the wires themselves and hold them in place. This early form of electrical wiring only had two wires, and no grounding wire. If you know anything about the importance of grounding your wires, then you may know how dangerous this could be……

The ground wire is there to protect your system against electrical shock that can overload your system and cause potential problems or inconveniences. We’re sure you can imagine what those may be. Too much voltage can cause damage to your home and in some cases fire and electrocution. Without this ground wire in your home’s electrical system, you risk these problems and more.

How Come I Need A Specialist?

Our technicians here at Trinity Home Services will be familiar not only with this particular type of electrical wiring, but also with the local building and electrical codes. They will know the best ways to keep the inner workings of a more historical home intact, and will also know how to best replace or repair it if necessary. There will also be cases where the wiring will be removed from certain areas of your home, like the attic, due to ordinances in the National Electrical Code.
Simply put, this is a specialized type of wiring that your average electrician may or may not be familiar enough with to perform any work on it.

Should I Replace It?

This is a tough question to answer until one of us can come and inspect the knob and tube wiring in New Orleans, LA. This will all depend on whether the rubber inside of the wiring has held up over the years, any work done by a previous electrician, and the other parts of your system like your circuit breaker. The best thing to do right now is to give us a call here at Trinity Home Services at (504) 305 1222.

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